There is one thing that makes Christianity different than other religions.  It is that Christianity is based on grace.  There are no strings attached to God’s love.  You don’t have to earn this love.  In fact, God seeks US out when we are lost.  God’s grace and love are, in fact, unconditional.  If we are like sheep, unconsciously drifting away from God without realizing what we’re doing, God will go looking for us.  Or when we’re like the coin – lost without any clue that we ARE lost or that anyone is seeking us, God searches us out and gathers us to Him.  And sometimes we’re like the son who willfully chose to turn away, rejecting God and follow other thing.  Yet God is still waiting for us to choose to come home.  God not only welcomes us back, He rejoices.  There is singing and a huge celebration at the return of the lost one.

Based on Luke 15:1-24.