As we continue with our look at the Parables of Jesus, today, we look at the parable of the rich fool.  This is a person who, although he has plenty and actually has a surplus because of a bountiful harvest, decides to hoard the excess in barns and relax, rather than using his bounty to help others.  Jesus was pointing out that the rich man wasn’t a fool by virtue of his personality, but rather by virtue of his choices.  It isn’t wrong to be rich; it’s wrong to not use the excess over and above our own needs to be a blessing to others.  In that way, we become fools.  Sometimes it’s personal choice to hoard away our gold on earth, and sometimes it’s because we fear that we won’t have enough for another day.  But Jesus reminds us that even the birds and the flowers in the field have garments to wear and food to eat, and God, who loves us, will take care of us as well.

Based on Luke 12:13-31.