We close our sermon series on the Miracles of Jesus with a look at John’s telling of the post-resurrection story about the miraculous catch of fish.  We are now some time after the Resurrection.  The excitement and the terror of Holy Week, and the thrill of the resurrection of Jesus has died down.  The disciples had first grieved, then shouted in amazement and excitement at Jesus’ return, and now were kind of dazed.  Nothing had worked out like they’d expected!  Jesus was gone again, and they asked themselves, now what?  Feeling somewhat dazed and confused, they decided it was time to get back to their lives, their routines, their every day ruts.  So they went fishing.  But even there, things weren’t working out as they’d expected.  For professional fishermen, to whom fishing was as natural as breathing, they weren’t having any success, until shouted to them from the shore to cast their nets to the other side of the boat.  They were given a new direction, and suddenly they had more success than they could manage – so many fish that they couldn’t even haul the net into the boat!  And suddenly they realized that the person directing their cast was Jesus.  They weren’t lost and alone; they were simply looking in the wrong place for the meaningful purpose of their lives.  Jesus had told them originally that they would be fishers of men, and by following his direction, even after his death, they came to realize that their jobs were not yet done.  From that time, they never looked back.  We, too, should never look back when we follow Jesus.  We should look to the Savior, listen to and follow his voice, and go out into the world, casting our nets by his direction, and we, too, will become fishers of men.

Based on John 21:1-14.