As we approach Holy Week, our miracle for this Sunday is ‘Jesus Walks on the Water,’ titled ‘Beyond a Super Hero.’  Rev. Cochran compared Jesus’ teaching through miracles to the spectacular heroism of super heroes.  Jesus used his miracles in those days to show the disciples, and today to us, that he was the son of God and thus reveal his divinity, as well as that God can come near to the disciples (and to us).  Jesus is NOT portraying himself as a super hero, despite the hopes of the people of the time and the fear of the Pharisees.  He doesn’t swoop into our lives, save the day, and fly away.  Jesus comes in quietly, in some cases, walking quietly on the story waves of our lives, helps us survive the difficulties that make us frightened or worried, and then stays to support us and to guide us.  Super-sized super heroes are temporary, but when Jesus shows up, it’s forever.

Based on John 6:16-24.