As we approach Holy Week, our miracle for this Sunday is ‘Jesus Walks on the Water,’ titled ‘Keep Your Eyes on Jesus.’  Rev. Schafer reminded us that water is one of God’s greatest gifts, although we don’t always think too much about it.  Water quenches our thirst, it cleanses us when we shower or bathe, it refreshes and cools us when we are hot and tired.  So many of the Biblical stories revolve around water, including the story of Jesus’ mysterious trek across the surface of the sea.  This miracle, found in three of the four gospels, shows us that our Lord can free us from the fears and storms of life and from all the things that hold us back and consume our attention.  The advice Jesus gave his disciples was ‘be not afraid, for I am with you.’  Jesus reminds us, too, that we can overcome our fears through him.

Based on John 6:16-24.