As we approach the end of our series on the miracles of Jesus, we look at the raising of Lazarus from the dead.  In “Proof of Life,” Pastor Emily looked at how we approach events where ‘life’ happens.  It might be a family tragedy, such as the illness and death of a family member such as Lazarus, the dearly beloved friend of Jesus and brother to Mary and Martha.  When the worst happens, we often beg for proof.  Proof of God’s presence in the pain.  Proof of God’s love despite the tragedy.  Proof of God’s healing grace.  And when we don’t see it, we often begin to doubt God’s presence.  Even Mary and Martha doubted.  They despaired at the death of their brother.  But what they were seeing with their eyes was only proof of death.  It took a miracle – the biggest miracle to date – to open their eyes to the proof of God’s love, of his grief, of his comfort, and of his compassion, consolation and empathy.  Jesus was there, weeping with them.  He mourned with them.  And then, he showed them proof of life.  Lazarus was an ‘every’ person.  He is our proof that WE, too, can be raised from the dead.  Easter is the proof of Christ’s resurrection, but Lazarus is the proof of OUR resurrection.  What God claims, not even death can hold.  Hallelujah!

Based on John 11:1-45.