As we look at ‘Signs and Miracles‘ — the second of Jesus’ miracles as shown in the book of John, we look at the first of three healing miracles.  Even today, people hearing about the miracles are skeptical.  People don’t really believe in miracles.  Even this father, a high official, went to Jesus out of desperation.  He was so desperate that he walked 20 miles to beg Jesus to heal his son.  We are often in the same straits.  It’s the hard, desperate things that send us to God.  But it’s the fact that God is THERE for us that is the true miracle.  The father had only heard of Jesus and yet he believed in the word of Jesus.  Today, we do not have the physical presence of Jesus, only the written record of his word.  Yet we, still, can simply hear and believe.

Based on John 4:46-54.