This Sunday, we look at the only miracle to appear in all four gospels – the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5,000.  It is interesting that it begins with Jesus pressing his disciples to come up with a solution to feeding 5,000+ people.  The solution, 5 small, dinner-roll-sized loaves and 2 small sardine-sized fish, wasn’t a good solution, but it was the only one that they could come up with.  It was, however, a tiny offering, when considering the number of hungry mouths that needed to be fed.  When one does the math, 5 + 2 only equals 7.  But when you do ‘miracle algebra,’ (5 + 2) x X = a Miracle.  Note that X – the unknown quantity in Algebra is the same as ‘Chi’ – the ancient symbol for ‘Christ.’ So by multiplying the child’s offering by Christ, all were fed.  Do you invite Christ to be the X in your life?  Will YOU trust in the miracle?

Based on John 6:1-15.