There is a distinct difference between disciples and apostles.  Disciples are those who study under a teacher, while apostles are ones who study in the presence of the master.  In other words, we can be disciples today, but none of us, at this point, can be an apostle.  How can we be disciples today? First, we must put Christ first, then see all other relationships through the lens of that love for Christ.  We can never give up on our commitment, through Jesus, to love those who are difficult in our lives.  We must carry our cross, like Jesus did, by voluntarily sacrificing our gifts, our time, our abilities, our talents, etc. in order to follow Christ. What does it mean, then, to be a disciple of Christ?  You must be prepared to go out and serve under the poser and strength of God, and with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Based on John 20: 19-23 and Luke 14:25-34.