Today, we looked at the followers of Christ known as Ambassadors, beginning with a children’s message about how we can be ambassadors of Christ’s love as children, as shared by Stephen Murphy and Janie Roberts, two of the Colina de Luz mission trip participants, followed by a Minute for Mission shared by Dana Stonerook, another of the Colina mission trip participants.  Then, Rev. Cochran used the Road to Emmaus story to show how Jesus showed, by example, how to be an ambassador for heaven.  On that long walk with some disheartened disciples, he walked alongside the the whole way, listening and guiding them, and helping them grow in their faith.  And our charge is to do the same as ambassadors for Jesus Christ.  We are charged with guiding our families, friends, neighbors and others, representing heaven to this world.

Based on Psalm 146:1-10 and Luke 24:13-25.