The Bible verses used today were told via video, excerpted from “The Book of John – Gospel of John,” a Bible Movie from the Visual Bible. 

On this 4th Sunday of Lent, we looked at another of the many faces of Jesus – Healing Jesus.  Rev. Anne looked at this aspect of Jesus through the story of the man, blind from birth, who was healed and regained his sight.  Often, we have some dramatic eye-opening experiences, as did this man, who regained both his literal sight as well as his spiritual sight.  Jesus had a way of changing people’s lives.  One way was because he loved people unconditionally, providing both grace and acceptance.  Another was is because he sees in us thing that we could never see in ourselves.  Through these characteristics, and others, we see that Jesus will never desert us and will shine his light through us. 

Based on John 9:1-41.