Due to (hopefully temporary) technical issues, the full video of today’s service is not available.  Please check back – if we are able to do so, the video will be posted at a later date.  Until then, please listen to the audio recording of today’s Message.

As we continue with our series ‘The Faces of Jesus,’ today we look at the healing attributes of Jesus.  Rev. Campbell reminded us that Isaiah prophesied 700 years before Jesus’ birth that he was going to come and that he would heal all manner of illnesses, including deafness, speech issues, blindness and even death.  As Jesus provides healing, it is as though we get a glimpse through the opened doors of the kingdom of heaven, and his healing us a healing of all creation.  He would open our eyes, unstop our ears and our tongues so we can offer a full-hearted song of gratitude to Christ our healer.

Based on Psalm 147:1-11 and Mark 7:31-37.