To quote Rev. Davidson Chifungo, a dear friend to FPCP from Malawi, Africa, “No one can hear the Word of God when you’re hungry.”  On this 5th Sunday in Lent, we take this opportunity to look at the importance of fasting as a spiritual discipline.  Paster Emily began by sharing an outline of what fasting is… and isn’t.  Sorry, folks, but that 12-hour required fast prior to a medical procedure doesn’t count!  The point of fasting is obviously a spiritual need to draw closer to God, but it’s also a physical need to look out for those who are REALLY hungry (not for those who are just running late and missed a meal).  It’s a need to alleviate the suffering of those without food.  Through fasting, we listen to God, then we serve those in need on God’s behalf.  We CHOOSE to embrace the inconvenience for ourselves so we are ready to align our hearts and actions with God.

Based on Matthew 6:16-18, Isaiah 58:1-9a, and Matthew 4:1-4.