On the third Sunday in Lent, we looked at Compassionate Jesus – one of the many faces of Jesus.  Pastor Emily used the story of the sheep and goats to point out that we must see compassion as a motivational response to those in need.  If we try to serve others because it’s ‘the right thing to do’ instead of because we have a deep love and appreciation for God, we are doing things for ourselves, not to honor God through the relief of the suffering of others.  If you open your heart to God’s leadings and let God correct your vision to allow you to see a broader vision, God will help each and every one of us lead compassionate lives for His glory.

Website and video for Colina de Luz, the children’s orphanage in Mexico, that was referenced by Pastor Emily at the end of her sermon.

Based on Psalm  103:8-13; Matthew 20:29-34; Colossians 3:12; and Matthew 25:31-40.