As we honored Anniversary Sunday, welcomed New Members and conducted Communion, we also continued with our sermon series of Teaching Discipleship by looking at the Apostle Thomas.  Thomas was widely known as Doubting Thomas for his refusal to acknowledge the return of Jesus after his crucifixion before he, himself, personally witnessed the wounds from the cross in the side and hands of our Lord.  Thomas was the quintessential example of the phrase ‘seeing is believing.’  He was an extremely practical person, and  he wanted to have an authentic relationship with Jesus.  He was a realist.  He needed PROOF that Jesus was who he said he was.  He needed ANSWERS.  He needed direction.  Facts.  Like Thomas, sometimes we also need to pay attention and trust in order to gain strength from our fellow believers.  It is through the support of our community of faith that we can overcome our doubts and fears and believe in the promises of God.

Based on John 14:1-7 & 20:24-29.