The next installment of our ‘Teaching Discipleship’ series focuses on the apostles Nathanael (also known as Bartholomew) and Philip. Nathanael and Philip were friends.  Philip was a very enthusiastic guy; Jesus invited him to join his followers, and in his excitement, he ran to his friend, Nathanael, and brought him to meet Jesus as well.  Nathanael was a scholar of the Jewish tradition and religion. But while he was a very devout man, he was also quite set in his thinking – in his mind, NOTHING good could come out of the town of Nazareth.  Of those called, Nathanael was the first who didn’t blindly follow Jesus.  He was skeptical.  He believed the social stereotypes.  But Jesus took him off guard, and showed him that an ordinary person from an ordinary place can be the promised one.  Nathanael was shown that sometimes the most important things in life are those things that are right under our noses.

Based on John 1:43-50.