As we start to wrap up our discussion on Teaching Discipleship with the last of the 12 Disciples – James the Less, Simon the Zealot and Thaddeus or Jude – we took a few minutes to look at the overall role of these 12 men.  They were chosen by Jesus to be his disciples, or students who learned directly at the feet of the Christ.  They were also, however, apostles, or ones who went on missions to share God’s love in far-off places.  Very little was known about the ministries of some of them, like the last three we looked at today, but the important thing to recognize is that they, too, learned and traveled with Jesus, experiencing his miracles and listening to his teachings.  These three walked with Jesus as did the other nine.  Their love and discipleship in the world are no ‘less’ than the other, more well-known disciples, because they were all specifically chosen and important in God’s eyes.

James the Less was eventually killed for his faith. Simon, who probably belonged to the radical group of Zealots who opposed Roman rule and taxation, was perhaps chosen to show that all were welcomed into God’s kingdom. Judas/Jude/Thaddeus was known to have traveled by sea to share the Gospel, and, incidentally, he was also known for his belief in God’s healing capabilities, earning his reputation in the Catholic faith as the patron saint of lost or hopeless causes.

Based on Luke 6:12-16; Luke 18:26-34; & John 6:60-71.