This week, we’re looking at the fear of change.  Rev. Campbell looked at the fear we have of living our lives by comparing the agendas of the pharisees and the synagogue leaders, who were threatened by Jesus and his ministry, with that of Jesus himself.  The religious leaders of the time feared the loss of their power, their history and their identity were Jesus to become powerful enough to replace them led them to find fault and complain, and ultimately to plot his death.  This contrasted sharply with Jesus’ agenda, which was to bring healing and new life, and to share God’s love and grace with all people.  It makes us consider: which of these agendas do we follow?  Do we complain and protect ourselves through fear, or do we follow God’s purposes and guidance?  Or are we sort of stuck in the middle?

Based on Mark 3:1-6 and Romans 12:1-21.