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Today’s Service:

  • Message: Disciplined Disciples
  • Paster: Rev. Emily Riley Campbell, Senior Minister
  • Assisting: Rev. Mark Hovermale, Pastor for Youth and Early Adults, and Darlene Maginley, Director of Children’s Ministry
  • Music by the FPCP Chancel Choir and the FPCP Congregation accompanied by the Joyful Ringers Bell Choir
  • Scripture: Proverbs 6:6-11; 15:19, 31-33 (NIV)
  • Sermon Study Questions
  • Service Bulletin

Family Ministry (For children ages K-5):

  • Children’s Message Shortcut: The Children’s Message today can be found at 8:00.


Today’s flowers are given:

  • In loving memory of Donald Sellers, Sr., on his birthday, August 16, by Anne Sellers and family, and 
  • In celebration of Cindy Jones & Pat Wright’s birthdays from Gwyn Jones.

Service Summary:

Today in our sermon on Proverbs, we focus on the need be like the ants referred to in Proverbs 6 at verse 6. Ants are dedicated, diligent and disciplined, they take advantage of opportunities to plan for the future and they work together as a team to accomplish tasks too big for only one. Yet while they work hard, they also know how to rest and regenerate their energy for future tasks.  Ants are a great example for us as Christians to consider as we work together toward  the work that God has set before us.