Maundy Thursday is the Thursday that falls before Easter, believed to be the day when Jesus celebrated his final Passover with His disciples. It was before this meal that Jesus also washed the feet of His disciples in an extraordinary display of humility and grace.  In a like manner, we celebrate this milestone of Holy Week by washing the hands of the people and by serving Holy Communion.

Are we going to take a risk and be vulnerable with Jesus, and with one another?  Will we accept his body and blood?  His forgiveness and grace?  Are we willing to accept the pouring of water – of his love – over our unclean hands? Jesus wanted to love all of the people.  On Maundy Thursday, Jesus asks us to take a risk – to be vulnerable, to be intimate and to truly receive the love that he wants to give us.  Jesus challenges us to love one another, just as Jesus loved us.

Based on John 13:1-17.