We’re starting our new summer sermon series, Heroes of the Bible, with a look at Noah.  Noah and the Ark is probably one of the first stories we learn about in Sunday School.  It’s a story of faith, trust and hope.  It’s a universal story about how God looks out over the world, and decides that something has gone terribly wrong, and it must be fixed.  God fixed it by choosing the family of the only righteous man on the earth, along with all of the animals, to repopulate the earth.  And that would have created a paradise if not for that gift he also gave us for free will – the choice to do right OR to do wrong, as we choose.  Noah struggled with that, as did any number of righteous people since, including Ovid and the Apostle Paul.  We struggle with doing the right thing all the time, and the knowledge that, when we don’t do the right thing, God is disappointed in our choices.  But with the rainbow, with the cross, with the empty tomb, and with the risen Christ, God promised and continues to promise us that we will have hope.

Based on Genesis 9:8-17.