In part 2 of our Heroes of the Bible summer sermon series, we’re looking at Jacob, the founding father of the 12 tribes of Israel.  Jacob was a tricky guy.  Everyone knows a Jacob.  He’s the slick guy who always has to be the best: best car, best job, best angle, best everything.  And watch out, if it doesn’t come to him easily, he’ll find a way to wheel and deal until the situation comes out to his advantage.  You know this guy, right?  Well, Jacob in the book of Genesis was this guy.  He started out competing with his twin brother, Esau, right from the very moment they were being born, and he never looked back.  He tricked Esau out of his birthright, he tried to wrangle a deal with God, he set himself up for a sweet deal with his uncle Laban, and then…  Well, and then.  Then things took an unexpected turn when Jacob spent the night wrestling with God.

Jacob’s story is our story, too.  Who among us hasn’t tried to wheel and deal with family, friends, co-workers, even God?  But when we do this, we tend to leave a lot of unfinished business behind when we move on.  Jacob’s night of wrestling with God was a result of this unfinished business.  And like Jacob, how many nights do we spend sleeplessly worrying, bargaining, and pleading with God over the unfinished business and the worries of our lives?  But, if we simply present this unfinished business to God and surrender ourselves to Him, we, like Jacob, can find the peace, joy and contentment that God offers us freely.

Based on Genesis 32:22-32.