As we continue our sermon series on the Fruit of the Spirit, we look at Self Control.  Having Self Control is having the ability to resist the things of the world, like donuts, or marshmallows, or records.  When we listen to God’s word for guidance, and we use our self control to avoid the worldly things that tempt us, we stay in step with God.  Self control isn’t easy.  It isn’t the things that we don’t want to do that tempt us; it’s the things that sound pleasurable, or fun, or intriguing.  That’s when we struggle with self control.  If we give in to sin, we start loosing our protective wall, sometimes without even realizing it.  And once started, it’s often really difficult to stop.  Josh shares a great way to shore up our self control in today’s message, and how to gain better, stronger self control.

Based on 2 Peter 1:2-11.