Joy is the second Fruit of the Spirit.  Joy is an emotion that sometimes simply cannot be contained,  In fact, joy is often seriously contagious.  Joy can inspire others to be joyful.  It is a very positive and uplifting state.  This is pointed out in the passage from Nehemiah, which assures us that ‘the joy of the Lord is your strength.’  God had never left the Israelites, even when they had turned away from them, and he has never left us.  He is our constant supply of joy and strength.  The Word of God is the source of this joy and strength.  But no matter how much we read about joy, we also need to practice being joyful and sharing that joy with others.  To become joyful, we need to BE joyful over and over and over again.  Even though there will be times when sadness, anger, fear and other emotions are appropriate for certain times in our lives, joy, even the eternal joy, will be our reward.

Based on 1 Peter 1:3-9 and Nehemiah 8:9-12.