Today we continued with our theme of ‘Falling Into the Psalms’ with a look at Psalm 86.  This psalm, as with many of the Psalms, was written by David.  David wrote Psalm 86 as a prayerful dialog with God, in which he named his own failing, and talked about how dependent he is on God and His greatness, and on God’s unfailing love and care.  The video included in today’s service, about being the coffee cup, the sleeve or the napkin, showed us how we can support and uplift others.  We often go through life thinking it’s all about us, thinking we’re the coffee, when in truth, it’s about helping others.  Sometimes we’re the cup, providing direct support to another in need.  Sometimes we’re the holder – helping someone who is, in turn, being that cup to someone else.  And sometimes… well, sometimes we’re the napkin.  We’re going around in the background, serving without notice or recognition.  This, too, applied to David.  David knew that he wasn’t the coffee – we all forget this sometimes in our rush through life.  David knew that he, like us, was called to serve and to do great things for his people through God’s grace and mercy.  So this week, remember… Be the cup.

Based on Psalm 86 and Matthew 20:20-22.