Today we continued with our theme of ‘Falling Into the Psalms’ with a look at Psalm 86.  This psalm, as were many of the Psalms, was written by David.  It recognizes that while we are all different and lonely, we can all come together in the presence of God.  Even David was lonely, for years and years during his life.  He was the youngest son of a large family of older brothers.  He ran and hid from the persecution of King Saul.  He, himself, was a great king, which also resulted in a lonely lifestyle.

We, too, spend a lot of our time lonely and running from the things in our lives.  We run from rejection, from challenges, from uncertainty, and from the tough faith questions in life.  Sometimes we gain positions of leadership, like David, which can also bring loneliness due to marriage, family and conflict issues.  But when David was in his lonely places, he showed us through the psalms he wrote that he turned to God.  This was his habit, and he shows us that we, too, can benefit from cultivating this same habit.

Based on Psalm 86 and Romans 8:12-18.