Continuing on with our “Falling Into the Psalms” series, we are looking at Psalm 8, written by King David to praise God for the majesty and glory of God and His works.  King David is responding to the trials he is facing, and to God’s blessing in his life.  David recognized that God sometimes uses the weak – like the babes and the children – to build up His people.  God doesn’t just use the mighty.  David is also recognizing that we aren’t on this planet to RULE the world, we are here to CARE for the world and it’s inhabitants.  So how do we respond to this when life around us is falling apart?  As Christians, we need to move to the high side of life – towards the stability of choosing to follow God’s direction and to help others through their trials, whether it’s helping hurricane victims or helping in other ways that show God’s love.

Based on Psalm 8 and Genesis 1:1-2 and 26-28.