Continuing on with our “Falling Into the Psalms” series, we are looking at Psalm 8, written by King David to praise God for the majesty and glory of God and His works.  Rev. Campbell reminded us that, just by looking up at the moon and the stars, or looking around at the changing fall colors, we can see God’s creative handiwork laid out before us every day.  Sometimes we might need to adjust our eyes to see it, but it’s always there.  All of creation, in fact, was created to praise God.  Just by looking into the night sky, we can see evidence of God’s sovereignty.  But if God can order the heavens, why would He be interested in US?  Because Genesis says that we are made in God’s image, thus he is VERY concerned about us and in our well-being, and we, in turn, by caring for the creation that he has given us to watch over, we can show him our love and devotion in return.

Based on Psalm 8 and Genesis 1:26-31.