Continuing into our third week of our “Falling Into the Psalms” series, we are looking at Psalm 23, a message about trust and the presence of the Lord.  As Rev. Anne pointed out, we can see the obvious connection to this psalm and to King David, who was a shepherd in his youth.  And so he used the imagery of the shepherd to explain our relationship with God, as the Good Shepherd.  The shepherd is the one who provides guidance to the sheep dogs, and who guides and leads the flock.  The shepherd’s voice gives the sheep both direction and comfort.  He sets the path, and he ensures each of his sheep stays safe and well.  He knows each sheep – their quirks and their personalities, and he loves each and every one.  Because of this, the sheep all trust him.  This is the same relationship we have with our heavenly Father.  As our shepherd, God is always there, providing guidance, providing security, even offering us assistance when we are ‘cast.’  All we have to do is listen to the Shepherd’s voice.

Based on John 10:11-18 and Psalm 23.