This Sunday concludes our series on the Psalms with Psalm 136 – a psalm of thankfulness, which we look at on this Thanksgiving Sunday.  Psalm 136, Rev. Schaefer shares, tells of the thankfulness of God’s people.  This thankfulness has sustained them through many difficult times, even during times of trouble or war.  Even when they didn’t know where to turn, they still gave thanks.  Being thankful isn’t aways easy for us.  In fact, life isn’t always easy.  But even when times are tough, we can still be thankful, no matter what life is giving us.  We might think that, if our lives are going good, if we are successful by the world’s standards, that God has blessed us.  But remember, as Jesus pointed out in the Beatitudes, God blesses even those who are sad, or struggling, or are meek.  The Scriptures tell us that in EVERY circumstance, we are to give thanks.

Based on Psalm 136.