This Sunday concludes our series on the Psalms with Psalm 136 – a psalm of thankfulness, which we look at on this Thanksgiving Sunday.  Psalm 136, Rev. Campbell shares, speaks to us of God’s abiding love and grace.  God has saved His people so many times, bringing them out of Egypt and helping them overcome much opposition.  The Israelites overcame these mighty forces – the Egyptians, the kings and armies during their exile, the forces of nature – only as a result of God’s love and presence.  God’s love held them then, as it holds us now, as it will hold us eternally.  We don’t go through life alone.  We are held by the gift of the everlasting love and in the everlasting arms of God.  So how are you going to respond to this gift of God’s love?  For God’s love endures forever.

Based on Psalm 136.