Epiphany is a celebration of gifting, which is why everyone received a star gift today – a paper star with a word on it that gives each of us a thought to focus on and pray about for the year as we look for the significance of this word in our lives.  The first gifts were also significant: gold (to  honor a king), frankincense (to honor a priest) and myrrh (to prepare someone for death).  These gifts were offered in response to the gifts the magi had already received – the gift of Jesus Christ, the Savior.  FPCP is a very generous church, and we’re all very willing to give.  But generous people are often much better at giving than they are at receiving.  As Christians, we are called to receive gracefully.  The word Epiphany means ‘manifestation’ – God has been made manifest to his people.  The gift of Jesus Christ was made to be spread out to the world.  We were called to receive the gift of Jesus Christ, as well as all of the different types of star gifts that were distributed today.

Based on Matthew 2:1-12.