When you adopt a serving attitude, it isn’t aways easy or automatic.  The students who went to serve at Camp Barnabas, a week-long camp  in Missouri for kids with disabilities, learned this during their time there.  Some served directly with a camper, some helped in other ways, but all grew through their service, and each student realized the cost of serving in their own individual way.  Serving can be tough.  It can be challenging.  And it ALWAYS comes at a cost.  The cost can be, but is not limited to, the monetary, or physical, or emotional costs.  It can be as simple as the amount of time, of energy, of prayer, of simply being ‘in the moment’ that it takes to get through the day.  Or the hour.  Or each event.  Servanthood always has a cost.  It’s putting your own needs aside and loving your neighbor.  Does this sound familiar?  Jesus said this…  the one who was the perfect example of servanthood.

Based on Matthew 19:13-15.