As we begin our 5th week of the Alpha series, we look at the subject, ‘Why and How Should I Pray?’  Praying isn’t easy.  In fact, many of us ask ourselves why we are so bad at praying?  We fall asleep, we get distracted, we forget to do it…  Our excuses are myriad.  And then there’s prayer itself.  Sometime the answer to our prayers is YES – we seem to be right in tune with God’s plan.  Sometimes it’s NO – the prayer is never answered (at least in the way we ask it).  Sometimes it’s WAIT – maybe we aren’t ready yet, the time isn’t right, or we need to reconsider what we’re asking for.  In today’s sermon, Rev. Campbell offered us three practical ways to lear to and continue to pray.

Based on Philippians 4:4-9.