As we dig deeper into our fall sermon series, based on the Alpha program, today we look at Who is Jesus?  Jesus Christ has impacted more lives than any other human in history.  As a result of his life, there are 2.2 billion Christians in the world today.  In fact, Jesus is the answer to 300+ Old Testament prophesies, which he has fulfilled in their entirety.  But who is he?  Is he, to quote C.S. Lewis, a liar, a lunatic, or the Lord? Is he simply a good, kind man, or an excellent and moral teacher?  We need to consider the evidence found in the gospels to come to terms with who Jesus is for ourselves.  Doubts are normal – even Jesus’ own family members had them.  But doubts can be used as stepping stones to grow our faith as we share and discuss them with others.

Based on Isaiah 9:2-7; Matthew 13:53-58 and 28:16-20.