The focus of our seventh week of the Alpha series is on ‘How Does God Guide Us?’  So where DO we turn for guidance?  With so many other, distracting, loud voices constantly chattering around us, it’s very easy to loose track of God’s voice in the noice.  But when we listen, we can often hear God’s voice through the voice of the Holy Spirit.  It’s that still, small voice that often leads us to specific actions. Do you feel that tug to make a phone call?  To go on a mission trip?  To seek someone out that you’ve been thinking about a lot recently?  We may suspect that these are pushes from the Holy Spirit, but how do we KNOW?  By balancing the idea against the Word of God, judging if it’s in keeping with the nature of God.  If it is, then you can act with confidence that you are following God’s plan.

Based on Psalm 32:8-11 and Proverbs 3:1-6.