During the early years of Jesus’ life, Herod was the appointed king of the Jewish people.  King Herod was a determined, evil ruler, very self-centered and self-focused.  He did whatever was necessary to make sure he got what he wanted, and no one got in his way, especially not a small baby, without suffering the consequences.  His attitude faced him directly away from the Christ child.  The Magi, on the other hand, as did all the other people at the manger, focused directly on the Messiah – the baby Jesus.  The Magi and all the rest at the manger went searching for the baby without thought of their own desires and responsibilities.  The Magi single-mindedly followed a star, making a holy pilgrimage to come and worship the Messiah.  Their focus was on the baby, not on themselves.  This Christmas season, look beyond your immediate desires and look towards the star, because, even today, wise men… and women… seek him.

Based on Matthew 2:1-12.