So here we are again. Another Christian season, yet one which is totally misunderstood. Other Christians see Lent as a season of denial after a season of plenty. After all, many of have just eaten that high fat delight call a Paczki. The English have Shrove Tuesday. In London, England, chefs from the five star hotels will have a race. In the race, they will toss pancakes as they run. At the end is a feast for charity. And of course, the greatest tradition of all is in the south Mardi Gras.

So here we are in the time of ‘giving up,’ but there is another way to look at Lent. It can be a time of beginning the journey. Yes, it comes to the Holy Week with all of its drama, pain and sacrifice. It ends with the invitation of forgiveness and an invitation to be part of God’s new creation through the Resurrection.

So what can we do during the journey?

  • We can begin the Lenten journey of daily prayer and devotion. You may choose to do this through the latest devotional published by noted theologian N.T. Wright “ Lent for Everyone.”
  • We can think of that action of forgiveness we need to give.
  • We can look at our pride and set it aside.
  • We can learn something new about our faith.
  • We can begin a life of Spiritual fitness.
  • May God be with both you and yours this Lenten Season.

In Christ,
Rev. Jim Skimins