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At FPCP, our Middle School youth (6th-8th grade) have many opportunities to combine fun and fellowship with studies about the nature of God in their lives. These include:

Sunday School

The purpose of Sunday School is to guide and nurture our children in a loving environment and through prayer to develop and strengthen their relationship with God. Sunday School for 6th and 7th grade students is available at the 9:00 am service only. Read more…

Confirmation Class (See Launch)

The purpose of Confirmation Class is to help 8th graders explore their faith journey and prepare to become members of FPCP. Students learn what it means to live life as a Christian and a Presbyterian. Read more…

Youth Group

Middle School students (grades 6–8) are invited to join the Monday evening Youth Group. This group, led by Director of Students Josh Imboden, includes fun and fellowship, Bible study, a message… and food! Some of the fun nights that our middle schoolers look forward to include Star Wars Night, Duct Tape Night, broomball games, and many other teambuilding and challenge activities. Read more…

The Bridge

The Bridge is a midweek ministry that serves as a bridge between Sunday services. It helps its members continue the growth of their relationship with Jesus and with each other. The Bridge theology goes to the heart of the Living Word – God loves us and wants us to be in relationship with Him. Our only rule: to treat each other as a Child of God. Through adult leadership with a Christ-centered-heart, acceptance, forgiveness and love are modeled for our children. Read more..