Hume Lake Summer Camp

July 17-23

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Hume 2015 – New England Week 4 Wrap Up from Hume Lake on Vimeo.

One of the many things we love about Hume Lake is the opportunity to get away from the busyness and distractions that young people face on a daily basis and have an incredible camp experience. When you come to Hume, you will hear the gospel preached, be challenged through scripture, engage in sweet worship through music and get some time alone and with your church to process what God did in your life up here at camp. Hume Lake takes pride in its high energy recreation allowing kids to be kids. That includes things like playing in the mud, running the gauntlet, doing the bike jump, and dominating in Kajabe Kan Kan. If you allow it, a week at Hume can and will change your life forever. 

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This year theme is:


Too often we find our identity and worth in things other than the Lord. We choose not to obey or to fear the Lord but rather to serve whatever satisfies our desires. This summer we will examine the life of King Saul. Although, he was a man anointed by God, he chose to fear people and serve himself. Do our lives mimic his tragic downfall or will we reverently fear the Lord and desire to serve Him faithfully day in and day out?

This summer, our desire is for students to walk away from this week, desiring to fear the Lord and to serve Him faithfully with their lives.

“Only fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart. For consider what great things he has done for you.” (NIV)


Youth Mission Trip 2017 ~ Inner City San Francisco

June 17-23

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ICD parent letter and application 2015

San Francisco draws visitors and residents from all over the world to take in its beautiful architecture, incredible views, and diverse culture. Mention “The City by the Bay” and people think of Fisherman’s Wharf, the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, and the 49ers football team. The romance that draws people to the city can turn into despair and pain for many.

The homeless population grows daily, as outrageous housing costs box even middle class families out of the housing market. Thousands of people live a paycheck away from the streets as the elderly, immigrant families, and others strive to survive the economics of a city bent on gentrification and serving the elite few that can afford to live within her borders. Poverty, drugs, underemployment, literacy, AIDS, crime, and violence take a daily toll on the people of San Francisco.

Looking through Jesus’ eyes at the people and issues that make up San Francisco, There is great hope for the future of San Francisco and her people. Jesus is alive and well in the city! Both small and large organizations, church communities, and followers of Christ seek daily to alleviate the suffering and shine God’s light in very dark places.

If you have questions concerning FPCP’s Student Mission Trip, please contact Josh Imboden, Director of Youth Ministries, at 916-214-6161 or by email at joshimboden[at]

SpringHill Winter Camp

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by God and His Creation. In today’s fast-paced, “wow me” society, it’s easy for youth to be inexcitable about simple blessings in life. That’s why this weekend we are putting the phones and technology away and focusing on being astonished and amazed by how big our God is in simple and complex ways.

Join us for a weekend filled with fast-paced fun, incredible speakers and bands, and intentional time to reconnect with your students and prepare for a new year of being AMAZED by God. 

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