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Want to see what Bridge is all about?  Check out this video!

2011-logos-01Welcome to our midweek ministry! A midweek ministry serves as a bridge between Sunday services. It helps its members continue to growth in their relationship with Jesus and with each other. The Bridge theology goes to the heart of the Living Word – God loves us and wants us to be in relationship with Him. Our only rule: to treat each other as a Child of God. Through adult leadership with a Christ-centered-heart, acceptance, forgiveness and love are modeled for our children.

We are a parent-run Ministry, and all adults with a heart for children are invited to join our Bridge family. We have weekly Bible Time, Worship & Ministry Skills, and a Family Time dinner. Our Bible teachers are exploring an interactive Story Telling model for Bible time this year. Our Worship & Ministry Skills leaders are introducing our kids to the many ways that one can ‘praise’ our LORD in service. Family time is where the kids enjoy a family-style dinner with table parents; eat yummy, family friendly food; and play after dinner games.

The Bridge

THE BRIDGE is the program for children and Middle School youth (pre-K through 8th grade). Kids are separated into groups based on age, and groups alternate between Bible Time and Worship Skills, with a common Family Time meal. While families spend the entire evening together while attending the Bridge, kids are rarely with their own parents, which allows both adults and youth to develop personal relationships with other youth of all ages, as well as with a wide variety of adults. These relationships can last for years and ensures that each child feels at home in the church, as well as with their church family.

Special Activities

  • Family Circle Nights are special nights where all members of the congregation are invited to participate in a unique event.
  • Periodically throughout the year, we will have mission projects where we work together on projects, gather donations or funds to help care for those in need.

Everyone is invited to join all of these activities.

Ministry Focus

The Bridge and The Oasis programs are based on John 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”’ Our focus is on guiding our children of God down this path to knowing and loving Jesus.

The Bridge includes three areas of focus: Worship & Ministry Skills, which includes learning about the many ways to worship the Lord and about the parts of a church service and the church’s liturgy; the ever favorite Family Time, where we pray, we eat wonderful food, and we interact with church family members of all ages; Recreation & Family Circle Nights, where we have lots of fun as we join together in a retreat-style evening based on seasonal themes; and Bible Study, where we learn more about God, the stories in the Bible, and how we can continue to develop our faith.

Experiencing Christian community gives each person the opportunity to practice living as Jesus taught. We learn to treat each other as children of God as relationships are built between young people, between young people and adults, between adults, and, most importantly, between each individual and God. We also learn what it means to respect each other and how to forgive. The whole experience is one of theology put into practice, mixed with a lot of FUN!

Where and When can I find out more?

The Bridge meets on Wednesday evenings at FPCP from September through the end of April (following the Plymouth-Canton School District calendar) from 5:00 pm – 7:15 pm.

New registrants are welcome at any time throughout the year – use one of these registration options:

If registering on paper, please bring the form to your family’s first night of Bride. Confidential scholarships are also available (click here to download the Bridge Scholarship Application).