Friday Updates From Rev. Emily Riley Campbell:

Friday, May 22, 2020

Dear FPCP Family and Friends,

This week I learned that when a patient in a hospital recovers from the Covid-19 virus, particularly a patient that once was on a ventilator, CODE JOY is announced on the hospital speakers so that the hospital can line the hallways to cheer the patient out of the hospital to begin their journey home.

Friends, although the Michigan Stay at Home restrictions are lifted next week, we are not exactly at CODE JOY yet.

As a church, we continue to affirm that the very best way for us to love our neighbor today is to do everything in our power to ensure the health and well-being of our members and visitors.

To that end, our church’s Session voted unanimously this week to keep our church building and Thrift Shop closed throughout the month of June.  During this coming month, our COVID-19 task force will be hard at work developing a plan in which it is safe to open for our 800+ members.  We ask for your prayers for this process.

As a Session, we also voted to postpone the youth mission trip originally scheduled for August 2020 until the summer of 2021.  You may remember that our adult mission team was also scheduled to travel to Mexico to serve with our mission partners at Colina de Luz.

Although the news of the on-going closure and postponement may seem distressing, let me remind you of what has not been canceled, postponed, or closed:  Our faith.  Our faith actually thrives in hardship and your on-going support of our on-line worship service and many Zoom Bible studies has been a blessing.

Let me also remind you that hope has not been canceled, closed, or postponed.  We live in hope; we provided hope by partnering with the Plymouth Salvation Army last week to deliver over 2,400 lbs. of food and toiletries generously donated by our church members.  This gift is the equivalent of a three-week complete supply of food and toiletries for the Salvation Army.

Love has also not been canceled, postponed, or closed today.  It is with great joy that I share with you that 11 members of the Confirmation class were approved by our Session this week to become the latest members of our church family.  They shared their love of God and neighbor with members of our Session and we delight in the growing faith of our students.  We’re also grateful for the love that Doug and Julie Heasley shared with them all year as their Confirmation teachers.

Finally, friends, if we want to find an unending source of faith, hope, and love, we can do no better than to lean into the person of Jesus Christ.  He is our source of it all as we continue to worship apart yet together “as one family of faith…. seeking to inspire hope in an ever-changing community and world.”


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