Sign-up Sheets on the NIMC & Earth Care Bulletin Boards

Colina de Luz is an orphanage near Tijuana, Mexico that supports about 60 children. We are so blessed to be in a partnership with this organization. Our upcoming trip on April 23-29 will include construction projects, fellowship with the children and staff, and sharing God’s Word and love with each other.

Participants fund the majority of the travel cost of each mission trip, but fund raising events help us to purchase construction materials and to subsidize other trip related expenses. This year our fund raising event is a low waste potluck dinner co-sponsored by the National/International Mission Committee and the Earth Care Team.

The evening promises to be full of fun and fellowship – games for the kids, photographs and videos from prior mission trips, a free-will offering, and a chance to make new friends!

As we celebrate the fundraiser for Colina de Luz, we are also going to engage the idea of a ‘LOW WASTE POTLUCK’ at our church.

What does this mean?

We ask you to follow these simple guidelines:

 Bring all potluck food in containers from home that are NOT disposable
 Napkins made from recycled paper will be provided to reduce waste
 All church dishes, cups and silverware will be provided and washed by volunteers
 Help us reduce our eco footprint at church by reducing, reusing and recycling any items used during the evening

Ask your children how many of them participate in ‘No Waste/Low Waste’ days at their school during lunch?