Opportunity to Support the Second Mile Center

There doesn’t seem to be a corner of our lives that the coronavirus has not affected, and The Second Mile Center (SMC) is no exception.  The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the cancelation of some of SMC’s indoor programs and outreach services for the children of Detroit, summer mission trips to the SMC from out of state have been canceled and essential fundraising events have had to be redesigned.  Thankfully, the pandemic has not stopped the SMC leadership from reaching out to their families whose needs have been exasperated by the virus. They have been on the front lines regularly visiting the children they serve to deliver groceries, goods, crafts and even doing birthday drive-by’s!

The Second Mile Center has been a long-standing partner of FPCP, and we feel especially committed to their needs during this challenging time.  Please continue to pray for the mission of the Second Mile Center and if you are able, consider supporting the center through:

Participate in the 4th Annual Scramble Golf Outing on Sunday, September 20th

For more information and instructions on how to participate, go to www.secondmilecenter.org/golf-outing.  Funds raised by this event will be applied to the highest needs at the Second Mile Center.

Questions?  Contact Tami Rager by email or by phone at (248) 231-6457.