Over the last several years, I have been listening to people who are skeptical about faith. I can understand why they are. Religion destroys=9/11, Religion corrupts=Catholic abuse… Religion diverts our energy from ‘real’ problems.

Yet for those of us to have faith, we readily join with those who do not have faith to seek justice where violence and abuse occur.

Here is what the Apostle Paul said about the Cross: it is foolish, it does not make sense. Yet it is out of the violence of Holy Week we see that forgiveness erupts. It is out of the suffering of Holy Week that we engage a world of suffering.

We just do not depend upon vague generalities, we, through World Vision, Oxfam, Christian Aid, Presbyterian Disaster services and others, engage!

More than that, Easter gives us a new direction to be part of God’s new creation!

At the heart of Ester are tender stories of renewal and forgiveness, but beyond Easter, there is a call to create a better world in Christ’s name.

Beyond Easter, there is a personal call to faith, forgiveness and renewal.

May God be with you this Easter Season.