It is with a heavy heart that I see Christians in Egypt, Syria, Nigeria, Kenya and Pakistan becoming the victims of radical Islam. I know that this causes pain in the moderate Islamic community. As I dig below the headlines and see the bravery of the Christian community in these countries, I am reminded that throughout history, being a person of faith is something which requires strength and humility and the tremendous prayerful support of us all.

In our culture we have to remind ourselves not to become sucked into the siren call of secularism, but to rejoice and give God thanks that we can be faithful, prayerful and we can look for ways to reach out in support. In other words, the challenge of becoming Intentional Christians is ever before us.

I am thankful that we also encounter Christians who are making a difference in other countries and they touch us with their dynamic faith. So it has been a joy to welcome the Rev. Dr. Davidson Chifungo from Malawi with his wife Pheobe (also a theologian) as they have been here giving us insights into Malawi and sharing their strong faith. Equally, for me a highlight this past summer was that  I had the privilege of being at worship in Geneva, Switzerland where the Rev. Ian Manson reminded me that at the heart of Holy Communion there is “mystery” – “Not that the bread tangles with heaven or that the wine is infected by Grace… But that we are invited to be at the Table.” World Wide Communion Sunday will be different as we pray for our worldwide family of faith. The mystery of God’s presence will be before us though our Christian friends