In our ever-changing world that we never realized would change our every day, we continue to learn new ways to move forward.  We want to propose a new idea for us to stay connected as a church family in the coming months. As part of Member Connect, we would like to create a subgroup called “Church Friends.”

For this to be impactful, we will need volunteers and the more volunteers, the better!  In that spirit, I am requesting that you consider being a “Church Friend.”

What is a Church Friend?

To be a Church Friend we are asking the following:

  • That you are a member of First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth
  • That you are willing to reach out to (up to five) members of our church so that we all feel cared

What is a Church Friend responsible for?

  • Calling up to five people (the same five people) once a month or as appropriate. (we would provide you with up to five names and contact information)
  • Asking how they are and to see if they need anything
  • Offering to say a prayer with them that I (Rev Emily) would provide
  • Share information about the church if they are interested in being more connected (ie bible studies)
  • Report back to Julie Thompson ( or Emily Campbell( via email any changes or pastoral issues needing follow up.

How long are we asking you to do this?

Ongoing until we are fully able to gather in person OR until you need to take a break which is understandable.  At that point, we can reassign your five people to another volunteer.

How do you sign up?

Please sign up by clicking THIS LINK

Please prayerfully consider if this might be something you would like to volunteer for and we will provide
more details in the coming weeks.