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2016 FPCP Annual Report

2016 FPCP Annual Report (PDF)


While you’re at FPCP, do you see something that needs to be fixed?

Do you have a suggestion for making a change? 

B&G is rolling out a new Facilities Help Request Form that will make it easier to report:Help

  • Repairs (ex. broken chair, sticky door latch, outlet or switch doesn’t work…),
  • Light bulb replacements (ex. notify that bulb/tube is out, report flickering bulb…),
  • Help needed (ex. move a table, move a cabinet…),
  • Suggestions for changes (ex. idea seen elsewhere, idea for efficiency change…),
  • or any other facility-related concerns.  

By submitting your form, the information will be shared with both staff and B&G representatives, who will place the information on the Wednesday work list, and assign it to one of the volunteer team.  If it’s necessary to clarify the issue, you will contacted.

Go to: Facilities Help Request Form


Mtenthera CCAP/FPCP
Partnership News…

Update: October 1, 2015

 Call to action to help ease the hunger situation in Malawi 

Our brothers and sisters in Malawi are facing a serious food crisis during this coming dry season. The floods in the southern region and inconsistent rains in the central and northern regions have resulted in very poor crop yields throughout the country. Many families… (For the full story, please click here.)

Update: December 17, 2015

Africare Foundation’s Response to the Malawi Hunger Crisis

“Africare Foundation is one of the organizations FPCP is supporting during the hunger crisis in Malawi. They work with very poor families and children in the Nkhoma region near our partner church. Their missionary in Malawi, Nicole van Elteren, a young woman from the Netherlands, posted the attached report… (For the full story, including the link for Ms. van Elteren’s report, please click here.)


For more information about the FPCP / Mtenthera Partnership, visit our Malawi News & Events page.


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Family Ministry Offerings

The Family Ministry year starts in September.  Whether you’re a child, a teen, or an adult, FPCP offers a wide variety of ways to get in touch with Christ and your Christian faith this year.  Why not make it your goal to participate in one or more of our programs?  The links below will direct you to various offerings, including:

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