Welcome to our website!We are happy that you have taken the time to visit First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth. We are a family of faith, called to celebrate God's message of love and forgiveness in Jesus Christ. Guided by the living Word of God, we nurture one another through worship, prayer, teaching and fellowship. Led by the Holy Spirit, we reach out with hearts and hands to those in need, seeking to inspire hope in an ever changing community and world.


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FPCP News!

Introducing our new Allen Organ!

Our new Allen Organ was the featured “Organ of the Week” (for the week of November 9, 2014) on the Allen Organ website.  View pictures of our new organ, scheduled to be installed over the next several weeks, HERE.  For information about the background of this instrument, visit the Allen Organ page of our Music Ministry section.


Stewardship Time & Talent Survey

Please use this link to complete your Stewardship Time and Talent Survey.   Have you asked the Lord recently where you could serve or how you could help?  Maybe He’s starting you on a new journey. Please prayerfully consider the information on the survey; you might be surprised where you are being called to serve.

NEW Hiller’s Community Rewards Program

New program – started August 1st, 2014.

You must select ”1st Presbyterian Church of Plymouth” on your Hiller’s online account to automatically donate to our Church every time you make a purchase.  Don’t forget to do this as soon as possible!  Go to hillers.reachoffers.com to update your account. Then you may continue using your Hiller’s Card or your registered phone # when you shop to  help FPCP raise money to support our many Benevolence activities!  Thank YOU!

Mtenthera CCAP/FPCP
Partnership News…

Update: November 19, 2014

Malawi Alternative Gift Catalog

gift-catalogIn honor of the approaching Christmas season, would you consider helping furnish the Girls’ Dormitory in Malawi?  The items in the Alternative Gift Catalog would be a wonderful way to honor members of your family, special friends or others that you might exchange gifts with this Christmas season.  Instead of the same old gifts or things people don’t need, you might consider donating in their name the cost of a bed, a chair, a shower, or a mattress, or one or more of many other items in the gift catalog.

Update: April 20, 2014

Malawi Hunger Relief – Thank you to everyone who prayed and contributed financially to the relief efforts.  We collected an amazing $9,223, which has and will make a dramatic difference to our brothers and sisters in Malawi.  Mtenthera CCAP, our sister church, has distributed 748 bags of maize (5 kg per bag).  The food has been provided to both members of the church…  (click here for the full story)


For more information about the FPCP / Mtenthera Partnership,  including information about our white blouse and eyeglasses collections, visit our Malawi News & Events page.


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Christian Nurture Offerings

The 2014-15 Christian Nurture year starts in September.  Whether you’re a child, a teen, or an adult, FPCP offers a wide variety of ways to get in touch with Christ and your Christian faith this year.  Why not make it your goal to participate in one or more of our programs?  The links below will direct you to various offerings, including:

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